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Author: G. Mystakidis, S. Lalikidou, V. Hrissanthou, P. Angelidis and N. Kotsovinos

Year: 2009

Publisher: European Water Resources Association (EWRA)


Evros River basin is a transboundary basin which extends in three countries: Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. The whole basin area is about 53 000 km2. 66% of the basin area belong to Bulgaria, 28% to Turkey and 6% to Greece. Evros River length in Bulgaria (Maritsa River) is about 321 km, in Greece about 218 km, while 203 km are the natural border between Greece and Turkey. In this study, continuous hydrographs, due to continuous hyetographs of the time period October 2004 – September 2006 including some extreme flood events, were computed at the outlets of the sub-basins of Evros River by means of the wellknown hydrologic software HEC – HMS. In concrete terms, the Bulgarian part of Evros (Maritsa) River basin was divided into 27 sub-basins and the Greek part into 13 sub-basins. Apart from that, the basin of Tountza River, which is a tributary of Evros River flowing through Bulgaria and Turkey, was divided into three subbasins. Finally, the basin of Erythropotamos River, which is a tributary of Evros River flowing through Bulgaria and Greece, was also considered. The computed values of water discharge in the Greek part of Evros River basin are very extreme for certain time periods.